Catch-Up Books


SB Suite’s CATCH-UP service consists of Year-end bookkeeping, which includes the following:
1 Accounting of all business expenses for entire year.
2 Accounting of sales and deposits for entire year.
3 Bank reconciliation of business bank accounts for entire year.
4 Year-end financial reports: Income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, and general ledger.


The CATCH-UP plan is designed for small business owners who either need to bring their books up to date in mid-year, or need proper accounting for the past year to complete and file their year-end business tax returns.

We recommend this plan for:

  • Business owners who have not done any bookkeeping throughout the year, or need to catch-up on a few months.
  • Business owners who prepared their own financials, but still need a professional review to file their year-end business and personal tax returns.
  • New businesses that have started within the last year.


Our process is highly streamlined. Through our unique centralized data processing method, we are able to provide small businesses with top quality accounting services at great savings. Our process involves three main steps:

  • 1. Send your documents (bank statements, check ledger, etc.) via our toll-free fax, email, or mail
  • 2. We input and process all data onto our accounting system.
  • 3. We make any necessary classifications, adjustments, and reviews.
  • 4. We complete and provide you with professional financial reports for the year.

Any question about your reports or your account? Simply call or email us and we will answer all your questions immediately. Because our staffs do not meet with clients face-to-face, we strive to always be available and responsive to your needs.